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Connecting Doctors To Patients

Telehealth Made Easy

A solutions partner for Telehealth and telemedicine services. Providing HIPPA compliant patient self scheduling, payment processing, email/text notifications & video integrations.

Custom Solutions to Complex Care

No additional software for patients or physicians. HIPPA compliant care using any laptop, tablet, or smartphone. We also provide any additional devices as needed.

Increase Reach and Connectivity

A healthier, more convenient way to deliver care. Easy to use technology that brings you closer to your patients. Request and deliver care anytime, anywhere.

Healthcare Technology

Telecare Network provides the telehealth technology required to connect doctors with their patients. We customize solutions for patient self scheduling, payment processing and address any and all technical and telemedicine requirements you have.


Increase your reach by joining Telecare Network. We provide the technology and services to bring your private practice to your patients smartphones & internet devices. Telehealth helps improve efficiency and time constraints for both patients and doctors and helps reduce no-show rates.


Telecare Network reduces staff time by implementing patient self scheduling, co-pay payment processing, and email/text alert reminders. We provide secure and easy to use telehealth & telemedicine solutions.

Technical Limitations

We're adaptable, which means we customize telehealth and telemedicine solutions that fit your needs. If there's any questions, we're here for you and your patients.

Why Telehealth?

Specialist referrals, prescription refills, consultations, follow ups and more.

Reduce no-show rates and increase efficiency in time for both physician and patients.

Reduce waiting room occupancy and reduce risk of spreading illness.

Customize your availability on the go or at home.

I’ve seen a number a number of clients from Wellington and other regions that typically our practice doesn’t see very often. We’ve been able to increase our practice area and they made it easy to do so”
- K. Williams M.D.
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“Telecare platform has helped us grow our reach in North Florida” -R Donalley  M.D. 

Who We Are

Telecarenetwork.org was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in South Florida. Our mission is to provide a seamless transition to telemedicine and digital services for clinics, family practices and private healthcare professionals. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and easy to use technology to provide care to patients.

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Our Services

TelecareNetwork is a healthcare technology firm dedicated to improving patient and doctor relationships and access to medical care through technology, compassionate, seamless easy to use digital functionality.

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